Thursday, April 5, 2012


This book was created in remembrance of Herb Brooks.  The story starts with the story of Brooks’ funeral service.  The mood, however, was mostly joyous.  The tone could not be described better than  a quote in the book by Jim Craig, “Being in that goal on Friday night was the pinnacle of my athletic life, the greatest joy I have ever known as a hockey player.” 

“Inside the cathedral doors, someone had put up a large poster of the 1980 Olympic team,” Although you may see this as disrespectful, however no one said a word.  That is how important hockey was in Brooks’ life, enough to have a picture of the teams he coached. 

At the end of the book, it says that Brooks sent out an eight paragraph, customized, letter to each player.  One of the most important and meaningful phrases told the players to try the hardest in everything they do, and to achieve their dreams.  It read, “This year was a challenge to all of us. A challenge go: live and work as a unit. Play a positeive—in a creative way. And make the most of our dreams. 

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