Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three major conflicts

Three major incidents:

1)      In the years before the Olypmic games, team U.S.A lost to the USSR 28-7, which lowered the morals of the team going into the game against them .

2)      In the weeks prior to the games, team U.S.A lost to the St. Louis Blues 9-1 (NHL) and also to the Adirondack Red Wings 1-0 (AHL).  Both of these losses were heart breaking to the team when they were supposed to enter the Olympics in less than two weeks.

3)      Jim Craig didn’t take the test that Herb Brooks passed out.  This then led to an argument between the two, which really is what Brooks wanted the whole time: a player that would not be afraid to be his own person and do everything that his coach told him.

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