Thursday, April 5, 2012

Author's Purpose?

Wayne Coffey's, the author of The Boys of Winter, purpose of writing this book was to inform the nation of the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey team's struggles to become the gold medal champions.  A great example would be how the U.S team had played Russia years before and lost by an “aggregate score of 28-7”.  This created a sense of frustration that the team turned into fuel in the gold medal game.   Also, Coffey was trying to explain/inform the nation how Herb Brooks' unorthodox coaching methods created succession. A perfect example from the book is when Coffey says, "There are a million things a coach can't control. Brooks, an obsessive planner, was going to make sure he was on top of what he could control." Meaning Brooks, unlike many other coaches who would dwell on the fact that they couldn't make their team play good, would let the uncontrollable be, and focus on what he could control.  

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