Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Significant Facts of Memories of Heaven: Memories of Hell

1.)  Trebonyak dropped out of high school.
2.)  Trebonyak got drafted into the U.S Military, for World War II
3.)  While in Normandy, Trebonyak was shot in the head with a German bullet. (his helmet stopped it)
4.)  After the battle in Normandy, he was one of only the few that survived in his platoon.
5.)  Trebonyak then joined up with two other platoons, and took over St. Malo, Brittany Peninsula, France.
6.)  His new platoon, met up with 3 more platoons, and circled up more than 20,000 Germans, in Loire Valley, Anger, France.
7.)  Trebonyak then entered Germany, which in the winter months is very cold and snowy.  His platoon lost many soldiers due to the weather.
8.)  While in Hurtgen Forest, Germany, Trebonyak’s platoon received the Presidential- Unit Citation, for advancing more than 3,000 yards in the bitter cold, against enemy artillery, mortar, and machine gun fire. 
9.)  On December 19, 1944, Trebonyak was shot in the leg, while his platoon was surrounded in Gurzenich, Germany. 
10.)  When he returns home, Trebonyak moves to Detroit, MI, and finds out that Newt died in an explosion in the same battle that he was wounded.

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